Arda Eren

Fazla Gıda


Co Founder and CTO of Whole Surplus Arda Eren, had completed his primary and secondary education in a city which he loves Antalya, Turkey. As a child of parents who both are teachers, he had grown up by learning different knowledge skills in different disciplines. His curiosity to developing technology and his desire to get a science formation had led him to study Computer Sciences in Istanbul Bilgi University with full government scholarship. Throughout his education in the university, he had taken responsibilities in organizing global events for the software world such as ‘Free Software Days’. After his gratuation from Bachelor degree, he continued his education in Intelligent Systems Engineering MBA program, while working as research assistant and student assistant.


Throughout his education life, he has supported and involved in many international, academic and social responsibility projects. This projects led him to gain practical experiences on ‘’creating jobs that benefit the community and the world “ which he always wanted to work on. At the same time, he took part as a trainer in unique project called Nesin Mathematics Village a mathematics, art, philosophy and programming training project for students living in disadvantaged regions


Eren started his career with an experienced team that provides technology-based solutions and consultancy to the needs of the sector leading companies. Here he designed and developed a large number of applications for various platforms of leading brands in Turkey.


Arda Eren continued to work on identifying and solving global problems with technology by combining his educations and experiences gained in both business and volunteering. He continued his studies by primarily focusing on social enterprise ideas that find digital solutions to global problems.


Soon after, together with his close friend Olcay Silahlı, they decided to give priority to the problem of climate change and food waste. After detailed and long preliminary studies, they established Whole Surplus in 2016.