Semi Hakim
Kök Project

Co-Founder & CEO at Kök Projekt. After his graduation on Tourism Management, Semi Hakim continued to his career as a chef after receiving his professional culinary training in Istanbul. During his time as a chef, he conducted research projects on cuisine and culture, worked within gastro-diplomacy projects, coordinated food events, and led projects focused supporting small-scale food producers in Turkey.In 2015, Shirley Kaston co-founded the Kök Projekt and started working on development of agri-food entrepreneurship programs within emerging markets. Kök Projekt is an accelerator and a corporate innovation partner that works together with companies, NGO’s and governmental organizations on developing digital and physical platforms to empower food entrepreneurs while supporting the digitalization of agri-food sectors, Turkey, MENA, FSU, APAC and SSA Regions.

Çözüm Geliştirme 2020 / 2021