Doing Business with Respect for Human Rights

This publication is the updated second edition of the 2010 publication “How to do business with respect for human rights”. The primary authors of this publication are David Vermijs and Rachel Davis of Shift with support from Julie Schindall of Shift, Eppy Boschma of the Global Compact Network Netherlands, and Sarah Zone and Nine Zwart of Oxfam. Further information about the individuals who contributed to the development of this publication can be found in the back inside cover.


This publication as well as case stories from the four focus countries are available on the project’s dedicated website,


This guide, as well as the real-world practices featured in it, are the result of a multi-year collaboration called the Global Perspectives Project. This project, led by the Global Compact Network Netherlands, Oxfam and Shift, brought together companies and civil society in four focus countries – Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa and Turkey – to explore perspectives on effective implementation of the corporate responsibility to respect human rights.


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